Columbus South Side Area Commission

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Parks and Trees

South Side Parks

Parks Improvements

In 2019, the Public Services Committee visited every park on the South Side and made a list of maintenance needs as well as recommended improvements. Since then, the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department (CRPD) has worked to address the issues and make improvements.

This section is a work in progress…more information to come

Planned Improvements

Fairwood Park

Funds for design of lighting improvements at Fairwood Park were included in the City’s 2023 capital budget.

Lincoln Park

Funds for the design of a multipurpose sport court (tennis/pickleball), stormwater improvements, and parking lot imporvements were included in the City’s 2023 capital budget.

Deshler Park

Funds for the design of a new shelter at Deshler Park are included in the 5-year capital plan.

Completed Improvements

Millbrook Park

Renovations of the park including new playground, basketball court, benches, etc, is complete.

Smith Road Park

New playground equipment, fencing, and benches have been installed.

Southeast Lions Park

Lighting has been installed at the park.

Additional Requested Improvements

Moeller Park

Installation of a small shelter with electricty was requested for Moeller Park. CRPD does not have any immediate plans for this improvement but are tracking the request as part of their larger shelter program planning.

Shelter Houses

A small shelter house with picnic table has been requested for Karns Park, Lincoln Park, Deshler Park, Smith Road Park, and Roosevelt Park. CRPD has included these locations in their plan and prioritized Lincoln Park and Deshler Park because these parks have no existing shelters.

Street Trees

The South Side’s tree canopy is estimated at 18%, below the Citywide average of 22% and well below the City’s goal of 40%. Investment in the South Side’s tree canopy, especially with the installation of street trees, is a priority.

Urban Forestry Master Plan

The Urban Forestry Master Plan (UFMP) is a strategic and long-term investment in Columbus’ tree canopy. The South Side has been identified as a priority neighborhood for investment.

South Side street tree inventory PDF file Urban Forestry Master Plan website