Columbus South Side Area Commission

Public Services Committee

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The Public Services and Planning Committee of the Columbus South Side Area Commission (CSSAC) is charged with reviewing public services, infrastructure, and parks provided by the City of Columbus and recommending priorities and improvements to these services and infrastructure. Additionally, the committee reviews existing and proposed area plans and recommends changes as necessary.

The committee meets monthly on the third Tuesday at 6pm at the Parsons Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library unless otherwise announced. Our next meeting will be Tuesday, July 16.

Current Highlights

Bike Plus Draft Vision Network

The City of Columbus recently unveiled the draft vision network as part of the Bike Plus plan.

Zone In Columbus

The City of Columbus has introduced a proposal to modernize the zoning on major Columbus corridors, including High Street, Parsons Avenue, Lockbourne Road, and parts of Livingston Avenue on the South Side. You can learn on the Zone In website.

Capital Priorities

South High Street

High Street on the South Side currently experiences high and unsafe vehicle speeds. A roadway reconfiguration to address the high speeds and provide protected space for bicyclists is desired to improve the safety of people walking and biking along this corridor.

Parsons Avenue In Progress

The City recently completed a study on potential crosswalk enhancements at several locations along Parsons Ave. The design of crosswalk enhancements at several intersections is underway, though the City is still working to identify funding for construction.

Lockbourne Road

The safety of people walking along Lockbourne Road is a major concern. There are sidewalk gaps along Lockbourne Rd between Frebis Avenue and Marion Road. This area lacks curbs and features wide swaths of pavement with limited stormwater control and access management.

Frebis Avenue

The City recently completed a complete streets study on Frebis Avenue. We hope funding can be committed in the near term to improve the safety of this roadway for people walking and biking and reduce vehicle speeds along the corridor. This is a potential major east-west bike corridor.

Walking and Biking

Safety of people walking and biking on the South Side is a priority. This includes closing sidewalk gaps and ensuring a complete sidewalk network; providing frequent, safe crossings of all major roadways; and providing a network of safe and comfortable bikeways throughout the South Side.

Parks and Trees In Progress

We have been working with the City Recreation and Parks Department to address maintenance needs and identify improvements for the City parks on the South Side. Additionally, improving the street tree canopy on the South Side is a priority.

2024 CSSAC Capital Budget Requests

Each year, area commissions submit capital budget requests to help city departments identify priority projects throughout the city.

Active Projects

German Village Parking Plan

The City of Columbus recently presented recommendations for parking and mobility within the German Village area, including parts of Schumacher Place and Merion Village within the South Side Area Commission boundaries. This includes proposed permit parking zones, different options for the Third and High Street corridors to improve bike and pedestrian safety while slowing vehicular speeds, and other parking and mobility recommendations.

Markison Sewer Inflow Redirection

Construction is underway to create a dedicated storm sewer sytem in this area, redirecting stormwater from the sanitary sewer system to prevent raw sewage from overflowing into the Scioto River during periods of heavy rainfall.

Columbia Gas line replacement

Columbia Gas will begin a gas line replacement project in the Merion Village/German Village area this April impacting about 250 residents.

AEP Marion Road Substation

AEP will be working through 2027 to replace and expand the Marion Road substation serving the South Side.

Upcoming Projects

Livingston Avenue Pedestrian Safety

The City has received a Safe Streets for All grant to construct safety enhancements along Livingston Avenue between 18th Street and Nelson Road. These changes are intended to reduce vehicle speeds, make it easier and safer to walk and bike along the corridor, and are planned to include raised bike lanes.

High Street at Greenlawn Avenue / Thurman Avenue

The City is in early stages of a project to realign the intersection of High Street and Greenlawn Avenue / Thurman Avenue. We hope any changes at this intersection align with the South Side Area Commission's goals to improve safety and reduce speeds along South High Street.

Moler Street Overflow Intercepting Sewer

The City plans to construct a connection from the Moler Street combined sewer to the OARS deep sewer tunnel to reduce sewer overflows into the Scioto River during wet weather. General boundaries are the Scioto River to the west, High Street to the east, Neff Avenue to the south, and Gates Street to the north. Construction is currently expected to begin in Summer 2024.

Blueprint Columbus

Blueprint Near South will implement green infrastructure to treat and attenuate the runoff improving the water quality and reducing the peak flow to receiving streams.

Smart Street Lighting

The City plans to undertake a Smart Street Lighting project on the South Side that will provide improved LED lighting throughout most of the South Side, increasing safety along the roadways for people walking, biking, and driving. Construction is currently expected for 2025.

Useful Resources

Our Neighborhood Explorer Map

The Our Neighborhood Explorer (ONE) Map provides information on City projects, resources, and services.

Vision Zero Columbus

The Vision Zero Columbus mission is to end traffic crash-related fatalities and serious injuries on City streets.

LinkUS Columbus

LinkUS is Central Ohio's comprehensive transportation and growth initiative. It's where safe sidewalks, fast and reliable public transit, protected bike lanes and expanded trails meet.

Columbus Bike Plus Plan

Bike Plus is a plan to create a safe, connected, and comfortable network for people to bike, scooter, skate, and roll in the city, through transportation improvements like protected bike lanes, trails, and crosswalks.

Trash and Recycling

The City of Columbus provides weekly trash and recycling collection and biweekly yard waste collection. Additionally, the City services public trash receptacles located along several roadways on the South Side.