Columbus South Side Area Commission

Public Services Committee

Trash and Recycling

Household trash, recycling, and yard waste

The City of Columbus collects trash once a week. Rumpke also collects recycling once a week, and yard waste every two weeks.

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300 gallon to 90 gallon conversion

Currently many areas of the South Side are serviced by shared 300 gallon containers in the alley. The City of Columbus is planning to convert all existing shared 300 gallon containers to individual 90 gallon container collection by the end of 2024.

Planned conversion schedule


During July 2023, refuse collection employees completed litter indexing while navigating their normal routes. Indexing is broken down into four scores:

  • Little to No Litter - Virtually no litter was observed on the street. There may be one or two small items in the vicinity. The street has a generally neat and tidy appearance.
  • Slightly Littered - Litter is prevalent in moderate amounts.
  • Littered - Considerable amount of litter is prevalent. An organized effort for rmoval is required with considerable cleanup of the street segment.
  • Extremely Littered - An excessive amount of litter is prevalent. Illegal dumpsites may be observed. Equipment may be required for cleanup.

Columbus Litter Index map

Public trash receptacles

The City of Columbus provides and services public trash receptacles along certain commercial corridors on the South Side. Additionally, COTA provides and services trash receptacles at certain transit stops. The map below shows the locations of these trash cans along Parsons Avenue in the South Side as well as trash receptacles along Front Street and High Street north of Whittier Street within the Brewery District. There are additional public trash receptacles along other corridors on the South Side, including High Street south of Whittier Street, that are not currently shown on this map.